moving along.

If you follow this blog, you’ve probably noticed that it’s been pretty silent for a while. While I still love it so much, it seems that just megan. has reached the end of its natural life… and what a good life it had!

If you’ve been along for the journey, thank you so much for sticking it out through 200+ posts and an endless stream of photography. It means more to me than you could know! was my place for musing and growing and sharing, and the travels ensconced here remain so precious to me. This was a wonderful place for me to transition from teenager to young adult and high schooler to bachelor of arts (and even a brief blip into master)!

As I finish my master’s degree in these next two months and move from student to full-fledged adult, I feel like a new home is in order. Today (on a bit of a whim…typical) I launched elbow & chin, a blog that’s been sitting on the back burner for a while. The time felt right!

It’s inspired by a particular passage in Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go! where the main character is having trouble being a mind-maker-upper, which is a constant struggle for me. Fittingly, I haven’t quite figured out exactly what this new blog will focus on (maybe all the things?), but it will be a chronicle of my journey through the place where the streets are not marked. Come on over and join me! The first post is already up.

(PS- if you’ve subscribed to this blog by email, thank you! You won’t get any new posts there, though, until you enter your email address again on the new site. I’m starting with a clean slate! I’d love it if you’d click through, read my first post there, and subscribe to elbow & chin. Thanks again!)


bloomin’ lilacs.

You guys, I just had to come inside because it was getting dark out and I wasn’t warm enough in shorts and a cardigan (although the iced coffee probably wasn’t helping).



If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you probably aren’t surprised that I AM SO PUMPED. I LOVE FALL! I even wrote it a poem once.

You know what fall makes me think of, though? Seasons. And you know what is a season? Spring! And you know what I did in the spring? I took pictures of lilacs. Here they are! (I’m great at segues, right?)


So way back in May, Drew and I went to the lilac festival. It was very nice.


Oh. Who is Drew?


Here he is! It was cold and rainy the day we went to the festival, which is why he’s wearing a scarf and looks a little wet. Anyway, I like him lots. That’s why I went with him to the festival (and lots of other places, too).

Back to the lilacs. Because really. Drew looks pretty good, but THESE ARE FLOWERS AND I LOVE FLOWERS.



Oh. The lilac festival, for those of you who don’t call WNY home, is a week-long fun time in Highland Park in Rochester, where they have approximately 4,393,670 lilac bushes. Probably. There are lots of rare varieties and special bushes dedicated to specific people. It’s like a whole forest of lilacs.


Lilacs happen to be one of my most favorite flowers ever (which is saying something), so I was basically in heaven. I think I took a picture of every single lilac in the park. Drew will confirm if you track him down and ask him… he followed me around as I went from bush to bush like some kind of overgrown bumblebee with a camera squashed in its face, so he’ll remember.



The best part is at the far end of the section of the park with the lilacs, because that’s where you can really smell them. It’s cool that there is a festival, but the greasy food smell covers up the lilac smell in a good portion of the park, so it’s kind of sad. The lilacs are definitely the highlight of the festival– there’s some standout festival sorts of food there as well, but my bloomin’ onion was much less satisfying than the bloomin’ lilacs.


I hadn’t gone to the festival before, so I was glad we went this year! I’ll be back in May 2014, and maybe you’ll get a post about it that isn’t, you know, three months late. Here’s my favorite picture to finish things off.


Cool variety, eh? I love this shot.

I promise we’ll have a more seasonable post soon!

*or, as I would say if I was feeling slightly higher brow, AUTUMN IS COMING! Fall is just easier to shout over and over though, you know?